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[wtp-dev] Just to keep all informed of state of "refresh" ...

I've refreshed the sse, xml, and dtd code in org.eclipse.wst, basically replacing what was there.  ... as part of that I copied the contentmodel and encoding directories/plugins to their "common" version.
I deleted the old non-common version to, hopefully, avoid confusion. I also deleted the validation plugin/directory that was in common ... again, to avoid confusion.

The editors mostly worked (in workspace testing), but I messed up some action IDs somewhere so we'll get straighted out in a day or two. Phil has a "local build machine" he's going to test things out, and see if/when we can add our unit tests to build process.

The other editors/models will follow next week.

Sorry ... never got time to look at the build and see why that's breaking.


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