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RE: [wtp-dev] Patch that adds tomcat 5.5 support

I have applied your Tomcat 5.5 patch - thanks.
I have two requests for the future. I include them in this semi-public email
as a request to all developers, not just you:
(1) Could you contribute these patches as Bugzilla bugs with attachments?
There are two simple reasons for this: one, it will allow the project to
track progress; and two, it will allow all the committers to coordinate on
applying patches.
(2) When you have "things that need further work", could you include them as
Bugzilla bugs as well?


> This patch adds tomcat 5.5 support. Support for tomcat 5.5 is 
> not complete but the user can install and start / stop a 
> tomcat 5.5 server.

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