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Re: [wtp-dev] I would like to propose Jens Lukowski as a committer to org.eclipse.wtp.wst


Jens strikes me as a smart guy and a good addition to the team.  Reading thru his source code I can see that he's a talented programmer.



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David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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10/12/2004 08:14 PM

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Re: [wtp-dev] I would like to propose Jens Lukowski as a committer to org.eclipse.wtp.wst


I met Jens in Grenoble and saw a demo of his impressive graphical

table view of XML [and look forward to learning if our dom/model

framework is as easy to integrate with as we hope (and as other teams

have found)].

Jen's initial, quick informal review of sse components I think was

helpful and expect him to continue to contribute a lot towards

making it better and more easily understandable.

Jen's  managed to sort through and reduce to essentials the xml editor

from our initial contribution. I finally got a chance to run it today

and was pleased to see as much working as I did.

While the exact structure of features and plugins will undergo further

review and revisions (as it is in working group and with WTP as a whole),
he's done an impressive job of coming up to speed on that code and making
some sense of it all.

So, as before, while I have not seen first hand Jens design or coding work, I think

this initial work he's done on this early project justifies him being a

Thanks Jens.

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