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[wtp-dev] I would like to propose Jens Lukowski as a committer to org.eclipse.wtp.wst

Jens has done a nice job taking the IBM Structured Source Editor,
refactoring a bit, renaming a bit, minimizing plug-ins, etc. and getting it
ready to check in to the CVS repository. I checked in his work - you can
examine it in the repository right now. 

Given the early nature of the WTP project, many of you probably don't know
Jens, so I've asked him to write a little about what he did so that you can
examine his checkin to see if this is the quality work that you want to have
associated with the WTP project. I'm sure you will find that it is and that
we will easily get the three required positive and zero required negative
votes to promote Jens to Committer.

Jens statement:
First I analyzed the IBM contribution in order to identify the plugin 
dependencies and get the smallest possible core of the sse framework for 
the initial CVS import. In this core I determined the functionality, 
responsibilities and structure of each of the plugins. I made a 
refactoring/restructuring of these (18) plugins towards a smaller set of 
the plugins. In order to achieve this I removed some dependencies to 
plugins whose functionality was not needed ( and and therefore the VE project) and merged some 
plugins who should be together. To determine which plugins should be 
merged I made investigations about common functionality, extensions 
points and dependencies in the whole IBM contribution and talked with 
David (Williams) and Craig (Salter). After we agreed on a common base I 
restructured, renamed and merged all the core plugins and its packages. 
Merged the plugin.xmls (which means also merging extensions points, 
dependencies and declarations), property files and packages, changed the 
references (also in strings, plugin.xmls and property files) from 
everything which starts with to the new naming scheme. I merged 
and changed the *Plugin classes to guarantee the same functionality as 
the initial IBM contribution. I fixed a bug which made the plugins crash 
when there was no jsp sse part available (which isn't in the initial sse 
core) because there was no breakpoint provider found (only jsp is one). 
I put a copyright header similar to the one the jdt project uses in 
front of each java file. I wrote a readme file for each plugin of the 
core which describes the functionality and responsibilty of each plugin. 
I packaged these core into two features and wrote a small 
documentation/overview explaining the structure of this core.

The voting is now open (note that while this email is being sent to wtp-dev,
actually only existing Committers are eligble to vote).

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