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[wtp-dev] Source updates?

Title: Source updates?

Looking at just the IBM contrib pieces for the moment, who has the best, most up to date copy right now? The reason I ask is that I wanted to start doing some work on it (all of it, not just the little bit in CVS) and I wanted to start from the most advanced copy to prevent duplicate work and conflicts.

If everybody who has been modifying it since the original came out would send me their collection of patches or replacement files in the next couple of days then I'll recontribute a merged version. Otherwise I'll have to go with the old version and *you*'ll have to do the merge :). Everything has to be under CPL/EPL of course.

BTW, our mail server helpfully bounces normal zip file attachments (for virus control purposes). So email me before you send me any zip files so I can tell you how to make it not bounce.

Ed Burnette

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