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[wtp-dev] Server Tools Code in CVS

Hi everyone,
I've received a couple emails lately as people have noticed some new code in the WTP CVS repository. Yes it's true - we have some initial, working server tools plugins ready to go. A quick summary of what is in the repository is listed below. Lots of work is ongoing -
   various WTP teams are gathering requirements,
   the core Eclipse team is helping us out in many ways, including API reviews,
   developers are busy figuring out how to get the best of both initial contributions,
   builds are starting,
You are welcome to start downloading or browse the code at any time. We will try to keep you updated with documentation, changes, and places we could use your help. Please feel free to post any questions to the newsgroup, or open bugs in bugzilla.
(under components/internet)
org.eclipse.webbrowser - Support for launching internal and external Web browsers.
org.eclipse.monitor.core - TCP/IP monitor, which allows you to put a monitor between a client (e.g. Web browser) and server and monitor the traffic.
org.eclipse.monitor.ui - UI for TCP/IP monitor.
(under components/server)
org.eclipse.wtp.server.core - The server framework
org.eclipse.wtp.server.ui - UI for servers - Servers view, actions, preferences, etc.
org.eclipse.wtp.server.util - Various utilities and extensions to the server framework.
(under components/server) - Support for Java & J2EE servers. - UI support for above.
org.eclipse.wtp.server.tomcat.core - Tomcat support for v3.2, v4.0, v4.1, and v5.0.
org.eclipse.wtp.server.tomcat.ui - UI support for above.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)

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