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[wtp-dev] New Database Connection

The New Database Connection wizard is slow to load tables for my database (about 60 seconds to load 768 of them), and is extremely slow when it tries to load foreign key constraints (about 60 seconds each!). When loading foreign key constraints, my 2.6 GHz processor is pegged at 100%. Another plugin that I use, JFaceDbc, is much faster at loading tables but is also extremely slow at loading foreign key constraints.
Are the performance problems because of the Eclipse plugin, the JDBC driver I am using, or perhaps my database configuration? Is there a way to skip loading foreign key constraints so that I can get to the next step?
Database manager: DB2 Universal Database: Express V8.1
JDBC Driver: IBM DB2 Universal
JDBC Driver Class:
J2EE 1.4 JDK
Thank you!,

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