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[wtp-dev] WebTools Causes JDT Debuger Problems


            I have just installed WebTools and it’s a great tool to which I hope to begin contributing to soon.  Anyways, before I installed WT, I could setup a Java Application in The JDT to run WebLogic inside of Eclipse to debug my web application.  Any .java file could have a breakpoint in it and Eclipse would stop when that breakpoint was hit.  In comes WT.  WT is supposed to allow for JSP Debugging but *ONLY* for Tomcat right now so I leave breakpoints out of my JSP and try to debug a servlet just like I had previously before WT.  Now…the breakpoint in my servlet is never met and the web browser just sits there and eventually times out.  If I take out the breakpoint and refresh that page, it loads just fine.  Is there some underlying piece(s) of WT that would cause this?  This is a Java Project, I have no Server setup and I’m running a Java Application in Debug mode just as I have before.  This issue is quite urgent as I’m trying to get my company to switch from IntelliJ to Eclipse fully and I have a presentation on August 16th.  Either I get this fixed and all goes well or I have to take out WT for debugging necessities.  Thanks, Jeremy


P.S. - This problem is only happening with the IBM contributions of WT.  I can run with Lomboz and no debugger is affected.

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