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RE: [wtp-dev] tomcat deploy, start and stop server

The guide shows you how to create a new server runtime (for Tomcat)--can
just do File->New->Other->Server->Server to get the wizard. To start, stop,
etc. the Tomcat server, open up the "Servers" view (Window->Show
View->Other->Server->Servers). This view has a listing of configured servers
and buttons that let you start & stop the server, etc. As far as deployment
goes, there is a tantalizing button on the Servers view that says "Publish
to Server", but it's grayed-out and I can't figure out how to get it to
work. Maybe this feature hasn't been implemented yet.

Your best bet right now is to use the custom Ant tasks that Tomcat provides
(you can add them to Eclipse by configuring them in the Ant preferences
page, using the catalina-ant.jar). Then you just add the appropriate targets
to your build.xml file, and run them from the Ant view.

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How I can deploy web project to tomcat ?
I set tomcat with guide, try debug and I have to start page in browser for
(guide tell me that only call debug on server)
Now, I want deploy changed project on tomcat. 
Can I start and stop server ?

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