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[winery-dev] Switch from EPLv1 to EPLv2

Dear Winery developers and community,

Eclipse Public License Version 2.0 was approved by OSI and Eclipse
Foundation Board of Directors. See

It has been modernized. For me, the most important change is that is
is not required any more that each contributor has to be listed in
each class file he contributed. (The sentence "Each Contributor must
identify itself as the originator of its Contribution, if any, in a
manner that reasonably allows subsequent Recipients to identify the
originator of the Contribution." was removed). So, this makes it
easier to fulfill the formal requirements to contribute to Winery.

The switch procedure is outlined by Wayne as follows:


Basically, a project can use the new version by simply updating the
file headers and notices. Note that it would be good community
practice to discuss this change on your public mailing lists, and to
make every attempt to ensure that downstream users are aware of the


So, I just wanted to ask if there are concerns regarding this switch.
If yes, please show up here or contact me privately.



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