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Re: [winery-dev] Problem about “export CSAR”

Dear Yao Chen,

Which Moodle.csar are you referring to? Could you provide a URL? :)

Winery's exported CSAR is standards compliant. The difference to other
CSARs is that we export one Definitions file per "component". A
"component" is something that may be nested directly in a
<Definitions>-XML-tag. To "read" the Definitions manually, go to
TOSCA-Metadata and then "TOSCA.meta". In that file,
"Entry-Definitions" is defined. It points to the "root" Definitoins
file. For instance, "Definitions/ns7__Moodle.tosca". If you open that
file you'll see many "Import" statements. For instance:
<tosca:Import namespace="";
If you open ns3__MySQLConnection.tosca, you'll see the Definitions for
the MySQLConnection type.

We don't have a real user guide. We recommend following the TOSCA
Primer -

Hope that helps.



2014-08-08 5:24 GMT+02:00 Yao Chen <tracyaoer@xxxxxxxxx>:
>       I have applied the “export CSAR” function to generate our own CSAR
> package, and the file/directory structure is quite different from the
> Moodle.csar provided as a showcase. In our package, there is only one
> directory called “definitions”. I am quite confused about our steps and a
> user guide can be very helpful.

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