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Re: [winery-dev] Initial checkin: structuring the git repositories

Unless you want to go through an IP review for each revision in the history you will need to ditch it and just import the revision that was approved by the IP team. But even 22 MB seems very reasonable and I fully agree that fewer repositories are easier to manage. 

For Mylyn we split the code base across 8 repositories which are linked through a parent repository with submodules. Gerrit automatically updates the parent repository on commits to submodules which automates most of the management but unless you have a specific reason to split the code base I wouldn't do it. Particularly validation of cross repository changes and sharing of build configuration etc. gets more complicated. 


On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 5:36 PM, Oliver Kopp <> wrote:
It was our impression too, to have as little as possible git
repositories. Currently, we have 22 MB of the repository with approx.
1,5 years of history. Maybe we separate the models in a separate
single repository as the models are independent of winery itself, but
form an entity on themselves, too. Similar to the BPMN model being
independent of the BPMN modeling tool and BPMN engine. :)

2013/12/2 John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> My general bias is to minimize the number of Git repositories as much as
> possible. I find it is more work for both committers and consumers when you
> split the code into lots of repositories. It makes it harder to find things,
> and more work to keep them synchronized. If it is not too big, even a single
> git repository for the whole project might be ok. The exception would be if
> you have lots of large files and/or binary content that makes the repository
> very large. A very large repository takes a long time to clone which is also
> a barrier for committers and consumers. A single repository up to 200-300 MB
> works pretty well, but if you have 2-3GB it is too large.
> I don't know the content of your code very well so it is hard for me to give
> a more specific recommendation. I definitely wouldn't recommend more than
> the 5 you listed here, and if you could go with even less it might be better
> in the long term.
> John
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