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Re: [winery-dev] Managing Javascript-library dependencies

Hi Oliver,

Orion has a CBI-based build but I wouldn't consider us to be a model of how a JS-based build should work ;)  We are currently copying the 3rd party libraries into a "lib" folder in our source tree. Often we need to consume a particular random snapshot of a 3rd party library - not all JS libraries do a good job of things like versions and releases! So we do the Eclipse CQ process and then just dump that snapshot straight into our repository. This works so far in Orion but we have a relatively small list of required libraries today.

For the Node version of Orion (orionode) we rely on npm to pull in dependencies. We have never done a formal Eclipse release for orionode and so have not done legal clearance of its dependencies yet. I imagine in the long term creating a local npm repository of cleared Node libraries at would be valuable. Orbit can in theory be used to store and share _javascript_ library but I think the current Orbit infrastructure is a bit clunky for that (modules in a CVS repository). An Bower registry might be an option here (see [1]).



From:        Oliver Kopp <>
To:        winery-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:        10/16/2013 05:56 AM
Subject:        [winery-dev] Managing _javascript_-library dependencies
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Dear mentors,

Winery currently uses gradle and bower as "build" systems. We're
trying to replace gradle by maven to make use of the CBI [1]. At first
sight, I did not see a replacement for bower. Is it possible to keep
bower for managing dependencies on _javascript_ libraries? Maybe, these
libraries can be made availble via Eclipse Orbit somehow? How does
Orion deal with that issue?



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