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[wildwebdeveloper-dev] I can not find eclipse's debug configuration for npm to debug nodeJs app. How can I debug nodeJs app?

Hi, I'm using Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers2021-09. and want to work on a nodeJs project that uses npm as package manager.
I can run this app with run as>run configuration and choose launch npm.
I have 2 questions.
1. I can not find a debug configuration for npm. How can I debug nodeJs projects?
2. Is there an easier way for running nodeJs projects?
Note: I found videos that guides how to run and debug nodeJs in eclipse wild web, but as I'm blind, I can not use them.
Please generate more accessible tutorials.
For reference, I'll include these videos.
Demo of Node.js launch and debug:
Demo of Terminal and Build integration for NPM:
Finally, I want to thank you because you are building a fully accessible and usable product.

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