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[wildwebdeveloper-dev] YAML language server options


I have a question regarding the YAML language server that seems to have been refactored.
Let me explain what we did in Quarkus Tools.
In order to provide a decent editing experience for application.yaml files for Quarkus applications, we need to communicate the schemas to the language server. Please note that the schema is not a global one but specific to the project as it's highly coupled with the dependencies.
So when such a file is opened, we computed the schemas and send a didChangeConfiguration request to the YAML language server that was linked with the file. The configuration sent contains:
- the mapping from the YAML language server schemas mappings
- mapping for the computed schemas and a pattern that elect only application.yml or application.yaml

It turns out that the first part is now more complex and computed from several elements.
Have a suggestion on how to adapt to the new code ?


Jeff Maury

Manager, DevTools

Red Hat EMEA


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