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Re: [wildwebdeveloper-dev] Workflow to update node dependencies

Thanks for the tips Gautier, I'll try that.

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 10:17 PM Gautier de Saint Martin Lacaze <gautier.desaintmartinlacaze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For upgrading a dependency, I already answer this question here.

Ok, thanks, I'll try as it. Having different command for upgrade is really a mess, and having to use the command-line to update a manifest file seems also messy to me, but hey, it's JS world ;)
How would you recommend dealing with
* updates of VSCode language servers (while fetched from the binary, and the version of the module doesn't change even if payload does change)
* addition/removal of node modules

We should ask vscode team to publish each language servers on npm.

Done at , and they already started it (not sure how far and fast they'll go for other ones)

  • We need to use npm ci instead of npm install when we build wildwebdeveloper (patch incoming)
Your patch is now merged, thanks.

  • Vscode plugins use differents folder for each extensions. So language servers are independant. Maybe we should start to seperate some langage servers from each others.
    • One plugin with all language servers from vscode distribution.
    • One plugin per other language server.

I'm afraid that would make the binary much bigger if we start doing this. What do you think?


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