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[websocket-dev] Please review Jakarta EE WebSocket TCK contents and approve promotion issue

Leads (and/or committers) of Jakarta EE Web Socket:

We need your review and approval of the proposed TCK for Jakarta EE WebSocket by April 16, 2021.

Once you are satisfied, please update this issue:

The latest build should include basic text for the current release updates, including addition of JDK 11 support and, where necessary compatible implementation updates. The latest nightly build of the TCK kits are available here.

If updates are still needed, please submit a PR to the Jakarta EE TCK project for the changes you find necessary.

The TCK kit Readme and Release Notes may be found in


(Not all TCKs have both.)

The User Guide source may be found in


Please update the check-list items in the issue above to indicate you have reviewed the TCK and confirm that it may be promoted for final evaluation. It will be pushed to the final specification repository location after that step is completed.

Thank you!

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