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Re: [websocket-dev] General Comments, WebSocket Specification and TCK documents

Hi there,

Any news to report regarding preparation of WebSocket materials for Jakarta EE ballot? From the PR perspective, there are several items that need to be completed before we can begin the approval ballot for WebSocket. These should be itemized in the checklists associated with the Specification PR (here).

A high-level summary is:

  1. Complete the TCK
  2. Complete the TCK result summary and publish it with your compatible implementation documents (Apache Tomcat 10*) -- this is referenced in the CCR
  3. File the Compatibility Certification Request (CCR) issue (in websocket-api issue tracker) -- this example was from WebSocket 1.1:
  4. Verify that the final version of the API JAR has been updated in the jakartaee-api project POM

Is there anything I can do, to help move this to ballot stage? Is there anything else blocking progress with this?


-- Ed

On 7/19/2020 11:52 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 19/07/2020 19:43, Ed Bratt wrote:
Running a "default" install target for the specification that is
currently in the websocket-api repository yields a document at DRAFT /
SNAPSHOT status. Please be sure to update the version checked into the
API repo. The target file-names need to be changed as well. Presumably,
this all happens when you update the document status. (Perhaps I'm not
using the proper command line.)
No, this is currently a manual process.

Section 1.5: Version 1.0 was developed under JCP. Version 1.1 was
developed under Eclipse Foundation, Jakarta EE Process. Maybe this is
irrelevant since there was no substantial Spec. document (nor) changes
in 1.1.
No it wasn't. WebSocket 1.1 was produced under the JCP.

Section 7.1.1 -- Should the CDI reference (Muir 2013) be updated to the
Jakarta EE 9 version reference? Similarly the reference to the Jakarta
EE Platform further in this paragraph. If so, you'd want to consider
also update the corresponding bibliography entries as well.
Yes, those sound like changes we'll want to make.

    Review of the TCK Users Guide
Haven't looked at this at all so far.

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