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Re: [websocket-dev] Final specification PR review

Great. I did a scan through the documents. Seems like the TCK material isn't updated yet. Anyway, hopefully I've provided enough pointers to quickly attend to anything that still needs updates.

Great progress/work! Thank you.

-- Ed

On 7/19/2020 11:43 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
Hi Ed,

It is close to being done. I have PRs sat on my local machine for this.
The main hold-up has been getting the release artefacts to build
correctly. Some POM clean-up (my fault) a little while ago created some
issues that didn't appear until we tried to do the release via CI
(primarily due to the non-standard packaging used in WebSocket).

I think we have the build issues fixed now so I hope to get the PRs in
place in the next few hours.


On 19/07/2020 16:37, Ed Bratt wrote:

I've been assigned as a Specification Committee member, to shepherd the
WebSocket final specification through the process necessary to bring it
to final ballot.

Ideally, Web Socket would be included in the first wave of
Specifications for ballot. These were hoped to be ready by the end of
the day, tomorrow, July 20, so they could begin their final review
ballot starting Tuesday July 21 (cf, Jakarta EE 9 release plan
and Jakarta EE 9 Schedule

Please let me know what the status of this effort is so that I can
assist as necessary and maybe even get this specification ready for
ballot, if not this week, next. I know that you have been doing lots of
work on this specification and I'm hoping it's close to being finished.

If you already know what to do, skip the rest of this message.
Otherwise, to finish this up:

Some pointers to help finish your work preparing the specification for
ballot. For reference, the Web Socket PRs are (Spec
<>, API Docs

   * Make sure all the materials are complete and ready to go
       o The Spec document, in FINAL status (HTML and PDF)
       o The JavaDocs
       o The TCK
           + The TCK itself and all the accompanying documentation
           + The TCK is posted in its pre-final download location (e.g.
    ... /*.zip
       o Evidence that a compatible implementation passes the TCK
           + The TCK result summary (include these data
             Here is an example from 1.1
           + Don't forget to file the Compatibility Certification Request
             in the WebSocket API issue tracker (here is the WebSocket
             1.1 cert. request issue
   * Complete the first five steps outlined in the Specification
     Finalization Checklist
     Note that it is optional to create a single PR for both the
     Specification material and the JavaDoc -- or create two PRs. For
     review, two may be easier to manage but it's up to you.
   * I will verify all the material is completed using this committee
     written Spec. Review Checklist
     You or I can just paste this into the PR so we can keep track of any

Open a pull request against the jakartaee/specifications
<> GitHub Repository.
You can also just look for examples with the "waveN"  labels if you want
to see any current examples. The PR will be created with a checklist
(from this template

If there is anything I can help with, please let me know. Thank you for
the work you've done so far. I really appreciate it.

-- Ed Bratt

P.S. A detailed guide to creating a Jakarta EE Specification is in The
Jakarta EE Operations Guide
<>, look under
the section heading: Creating a Final Specification.

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