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[virgo-dev] Meeting notes for 21st May 2020 and next meeting


Next meeting
Next meeting will happen again on Zoom, 4 weeks from now on the 18th of  June 18, 2020 21.00 CEST.
Meeting ID: 976 7879 0390
Password: 6TJ55G

Below is the summary of today's meeting.

Violeta, Florian, GianMaria

Gemini Web
A defect has been reported against the last version of Gemini Web, the JSP _expression_ Language (EL)  does not work see
Violeta has identified the problem and knows how to fix it.

Virgo Server
Virgo Server 3.7.3 is affected by the Gemini Web defect listed above, therefore the team agrees to publish a new Virgo release once a fixed Gemini Web version is available.

Gian Maria Romanato
<gm.romanato (at) gmail (dot) com>

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