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Re: [virgo-dev] Git SHA for 3.6.4.RELEASE

Hi Aleksandar,

I know that everything after 3.7.0 has git tags associated with the corresponding changes, but this is not the case with previous releases. I am trying to figure out what was the SHA of the Virgo 3.6.4.RELEASE.

Prior to 3.7.0 Virgo was built from multiple Git repositories[1].

A while ago I created a small shell script to check out the Virgo code.
I modified it so you can get the SHAs easily with git ls-remote:

--- snipp ---

for repo in apps artifact-repository kernel medic nano packaging snaps test util virgo-build web
#  git clone git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.${repo}.git --branch ${BRANCH_NAME} ${repo}
  echo ${repo}
  git ls-remote --tags git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.${repo}.git | grep ${BRANCH_NAME}

--- snapp ---

Hope this helps.