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Re: [virgo-dev] First Hangout in 2017 - 11.01.2017 9:00pm CET

HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all of you :)

Our first Hangout in 2017 is coming closer and I finally had time to create the Agenda for this Wednesday, 11.01.2017. We will be starting at 9:00pm CET to have plenty of time go through all topics and prepare everything for the upcoming releases.


  1. Go over pending TODOs

  2. We are now using Mattermost to discuss details of everyday Virgo (https://mattermost.eclipse.org/eclipse/channels/virgo)

  3. Is someone really using virgo-build mailing list (https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/virgo-build)?

  4. Prepare for Virgo Tools 1.5.0.RELEASE

  5. Prepare for Virgo 3.7.0.M04

  6. Prepare for Bundlor 1.1.3.RELEASE

If you plan to attend this Hangout, then please send a short reply to virgo-dev.