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Re: [virgo-dev] Hangout 14.12.2016

Hi All,

Only 5 hours left until our EoY-Hangout, 9:00 pm CET.
Here's the final agenda for the Meeting, I also collected all pending TODOS from the previous meetings:

Hangout-Agenda 14.12.2016



  1. Who organizes access for committers to Acunote in order to get access to additional information? (https://eclipse-virgo.acunote.com/login)

  2. We should review the Virgo Wiki Pages and check which ones need to be updated

  3. We should update the legal notes in virgo-build repo, does the Virgo build and Tooling include this information at all? Bundlor and Snaps does.

  4. Virgo Tools status update Plan-Project-Wizard and documentation publishing

  5. Virgo Tools remove Repository page from the Server Editor (since the backing repo from Spring isn’t maintained anymore)?

  6. Status of Gemini Web 3.0.0:

    1. Update Tomcat to 8.5.9 (CQ created)

    2. Most probably end of January 3.0.0.RELEASE is prepared.

    3. Meanwhile updating Virgo 3.7.0.M04 to current Gemini Web 3.0.0.RC2

Who can help Violeta and when?

  1. Help for Bug 500758 is required, who can help Tony?

  2. Release dates:

    1. 30.12.2016: Bundlor 1.1.3.M01

    2. 30.01.2017: Virgo Tools 1.5.0.RELEASE

    3. 30.01.2017: Virgo 3.7.0.M04 (incl. Snaps and GW 3.0.0.RC2)

    4. 15.02.2017: Bundlor 1.1.3.RELEASE

    5. 03.03.2017: Virgo 3.7.0.RELEASE (incl. Snaps and GW 3.0.0.RELEASE)

  3. How about using #slack?

  4. Idea for bridging PDE and Maven in Virgo Tooling (https://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/virgo-dev/msg01736.html)

  5. First Hangout Meeting next year (11.01.2017), checkpoint on the way to officially release Virgo 3.7.0.M04

Todos Fluffi:

  • Help Violeta to update Virgo 3.7.0.M04 with Gemini Web 3.0.0

  • Check failure of tooling build with JDK 8

  • Migrate the documentation to gradle build to be able to publish along the artifacts

  • Update the minutes Wiki

  • Documentation Milestone M02 / M03 still not online.

  • Ask Violetta if Virgo Nano Full is still used in SAP world.

  • Sketch to integrate Spring OSGi-ify into Gradle build

  • Investigate Spring Framework Bill of Material

Todos Giamma:

  • Test Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 workaround for 486353

  • Investigate null pointer in the Server Runtime Wizard on MacOSX

  • Keep team updated about the progress of the JUnit4 OSGi runner which may be used for testing Spring bundles. We could run a POC, wrap some Spring tests in a “test bundle” and run them in Virgo.

  • Open Bug for building Virgo on Windows

Todos Dani:

  • Publish Bundlor 1.1.3.M01 to Maven Central

  • Include Snaps-Guide in Snaps project build so that Stefan Zugal can improve the documentation

  • Virgo Wiki Pages (Committers) document Git branching model using git-flow as suggested by Giamma

See you later ...