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[virgo-dev] Milestone 3 of 3.7.0 is available from the milestones page

Virgo 3.7.0.M03 is available from https://www.eclipse.org/virgo/download/milestones.php

 This is the third milestone of the Steel (3.7.0) release of Virgo. It contains the following upgrades/changes:

* Spring Framework 4.2.4.RELEASE

* Gemini Blueprint 2.0.0.RELEASE

* Jolokia 1.3.3

* Equinox Kepler SR2

This milestone is accompanied by several new Virgo recipes available from the samples page https://www.eclipse.org/virgo/samples:

* Virgo recipe for 'Create a Custom Virgo Runtime with Dockerizor'

* Virgo recipe for 'Serving Web Content with Spring MVC'

* Virgo recipe for 'Accessing Data with MongoDB'

* Virgo recipe for 'Messaging with RabbitMQ'