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Re: [virgo-dev] Status of Virgo 3.7 support in Virgo Tools

I made the following changes in accordance with the decision to name the Java 7 profile file as "java-server.profile".

I changed org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.tools.internal.SystemPackageFilteringRepository in org.eclipse.virgo.kernel-tools repository to now look for "java-server.profile" and fall back to "java6-server.profile" if not found. This change is pushed to master of the kernel-tools repository.

I built kernel-tools master from the command line using the included ant + ivy scripts and committed the binary JAR and the source JAR into the lib folder of the org.eclipse.virgo.ide.manifest.core bundle (this is just an update, the manifest.core bundle already contained the kernel-tools JARs) in the "support-java-7-profile" branch. In the same branch, I changed the initial implementation of Virgo37Provider written by Florian to now use the $VIRGO_HOME/lib/.version file to detect the Virgo version.
Based on my tests, the Virgo tools in branch "support-java-7-profile" seem now to support properly Virgo 3.7 as long as the profile file is named as we agreed. However, since I could not find a Virgo 3.7 build already containing the profile file with name "java-server.profile", to test that everything worked as expected I took the latest Virgo 3.7 build and copied the java7-server.profile file into java-server.profile.

Notes about branches:
I'll wait for the profile name to be changed as discussed in the runtime, then I'd like to merge everything into master. It would be great if you could test to the support-java-7-profile branch.

The changes to the runtime have been pushed and are available on branch spring-4. I installed the tooling created from branch support-java-7-profile into a fresh Eclipse installation and was able to create a Virgo server runtime.

Seems we can use the latest and greatest Virgo Tooling in our tutorial at EclipseCon. Nice!