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[virgo-dev] kernel-tools repository

While investigating what changes would be required in the tooling for Java 7 support, I found out that the kernel.tools repository contains a java project which used to be built into binary and included as a nested JAR inside an IDE plug-in.

That JAR includes the hard-coded name of the java profile file and needs to be updated once the new file name is decided.

I belive that the kernel-tools project was traditionally built with Ivy and later manually committed as a nested jar inside a Virgo IDE plugin.

Florian proposed to include it in the new parent repository and migrate it to gradle.
As an alternative approach, in case that JAR was used only by the IDE and not by the runtime, it could be converted into a PDE plug-in project to be built using maven/tycho and could be included in the IDE feature. In this way it could be consumed as a dependency rather than an embedded JAR. What do you think?