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Re: [virgo-dev] PDE2Virgo Plugin

Ciao Daniel,

Happy new year!

It should work, if it doesn't it's a defect. The plug-in copies resources into the bin folder during build. As a workaround you can try to list the osgi-inf folder in the bundle-classpath header.Â

Few days ago I pushed to branchÂfeature/329198 the integrated pde2virgo. It would be great if you were still available for a code review.Â

It would be great if you alsohad time to test it a bit. No documentation at the moment yet, but the commit comment lists all changes. The builder and nature identifiers have changed because of the new plug-in name, so it cannot work with an existing project unless the Â.project Âfile is edited.Â


Il giorno Lun 4 Gen 2016 07:43ÂDaniel Marthaler <DMarthaler@xxxxxxx> ha scritto:
Hi GianMaria,
First of all, happy new year ;)
Just exprienced that when I use PDE2Virgo Plugin and having a OSGI-INF folder in my project, this OSGI-INF is not getting deployed to the server runtime although it has been included in "bin.includes" in the build.properties file of my PDE project. If I understand PDE2Virgo correctly this should be handled by PDE2Virgo Plugin, is this correct?
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