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[virgo-dev] https://dev.eclipse.org/recommenders/committers/confess/#/problems/560a21a0e4b0517d6093c304/details

This is a connection exception occurring during the JMX communication between the Virgo Tools and the Virgo Server.

This exception could occur when the server process is terminated while the tools are still trying to connect to it. For example, one user may start the server and then he/she changes his/her mind and kills the server from the debug view or the console view. In such case the Virgo Tools would be unaware of the process termination and would report this connection failure.

As a user of the Virgo tools, I think this is not a real problem, just something that could happen when working normally with the tooling and that would appear in the Eclipse log.

As such I propose to triage the report in AERI by marking it as a non defect, so that such stack traces are no more reported by AERI.

Otherwise, if you prefer so, I could make it a bugzilla entry and write there the same reasoning, but in such case what would be the appropriate resolution status for the bugzilla entry?