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[virgo-dev] All Problems Alert for Virgo


this is the weekly digest for Virgo. The status of all problems on this list is open. Items on this list may already be tracked in Bugzilla but were not closed yet. To remove a item from this list, you can either (i) set the status of its associated bug to resolved, verfied, or closed or (ii) mark it as log message in the reporter's web ui.

If you have any questions about this report, please send an email to error-reports-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx

Top new problems (last 7 days):

Congrats, no new problems this week!

Top unresolved, active problems (last 7 days):

  Problem Reporters Bug
1. FileNotFoundException in LibraryBridge.getManifestContents (117) 5 472496 N

Top reoccurring problems (last 3 months):

  Problem Reporters Bug
1. TimeoutException in AbstractJmxServerCommand.execute (89) 6 472132 A
2. FileNotFoundException in LibraryBridge.getManifestContents (117) 5 472496 N
3. NullPointerException in DefaultProjectClasspathEntry.getRuntimeClasspathEntries (139) 1 -
4. SocketException in RMIConnectionImpl_Stub.close (-1) 1 -
5. UI freeze in RepositoryBrowserEditorPage$23.run - Resource.createLink (2.3s) 1 -


Active: 6 problems in last 3 months.
Bugzilla: 4 problems tracked, 2 problems closed, 1 problems fixed.


Thank you for your assistance.
Your friendly error-reports-inbox.

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