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[virgo-dev] Fwd: [gemini-dev] Gemini Management project termination

Please note that Gemini Management is a dependency of Virgo, so if someone is going to take over Virgo and have freedom to develop it any way they choose, they should consider also keeping Gemini Management alive so this can continue to evolve. It's a very small project so wouldn't take a lot of effort.


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From: michael keith <michael.keith@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [gemini-dev] Gemini Management project termination
Date: 4 September 2013 15:40:40 BST
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While we did have somebody step forward to take on the Blueprint project, we did not find any takers for the Management project.

Consider this a last call. If, within the next week (by Sept 11, 2013) nobody comes forward we will terminate the project and it will be archived. <sigh>

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