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[virgo-dev] Releasing projects

There is a new process for releasing projects at Eclipse. This is just a heads up.

The official guide is here - http://wiki.eclipse.org/Development_Resources/HOWTO/Release_Reviews#Checklist

It doesn't mention that you can now put the docuware on the project information page instead of creating a document and attaching it to a bug. As far as I can see you still need to get a frozen IP-Log and attach it somewhere though.

Go to:

Make sure you are logged in and then create a release. You can then edit the release to have the right date and milestones associated with it and also schedule the review. The date you give is the end date of the review not the start date. In the same edit area for that version you can also enter all of the information that would have gone on the DocuWare slides.

Christopher Frost - Pivotal Labs UK