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[virgo-dev] Tooling problems

Dear Virgo dev team

We are struggling to move our project from Virgo 3.0 on STS 2.7 to Virgo 3.6 on STS 3.2.x and the newest tooling. After many days of debugging, bug tracking and bug filing we at least managed to get our application (somehow) up and running on Virgo 3.6.

But the tooling still gives us serious headache. I tried to set up some sample maven projects that more or less mimic our app setup and show the problems we are facing. Please have a look at: https://bitbucket.org/ractive/virgo-tooling-problems that describes the setup and the problems.

Question: Shall I open one bug report to cover all the problems mentioned or shell I try to open one ticket per problem?

Second question: Do you dare to share your gut feeling about how hard those problems are to solve and how long it may take? As I mentioned, we are having a hard time to update Virgo and STS together with the tooling and people are getting nervous about that. It would really help, if we had an idea when fixes can be expected. Thank you very much so far.

Best regards,