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[virgo-dev] Blueprint with remote services

Hi Virgoers,

Apologies in advance...this is probably not the right mailing list for this, but this is the one I'm on...and you might know the right folks for this.

ECF recent has a question on our forum about the use of OSGi remote services with Blueprint [1]. ECF has some remote services examples...that use DS...and these examples are apparently working fine. But they are not functioning properly when using Blueprint. I don't have any technical background with Blueprint...and so would appreciate it if someone with knowledge of Blueprint could be directed to [1] to help identify the problem.

Actually, if I can receive some help...perhaps after this is solved we could create a remote services example that uses Blueprint. I think that would be great for our respective communities (which overlap).

Again...I realize that this may not be exactly the right group to ask, but hopefully you will know the right folks.



[1] http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php?t=rview&goto=1005456#msg_1005456