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Re: [virgo-dev] how to use virgo source code

The most straightforward way to do what you want would be to run an instance of Virgo on Computer-B, possibly under Eclipse if you can manage that.

Inside that instance of Virgo, you could create an instance of RepositoryConfiguration:


and then obtain the RepositoryFactory service from the service registry:


and use it to obtain a Repository instance that you could then use to query the repository on Computer-A:


Note that the RepositoryFactory service is already configured to be imported into the user region, so your code can run as a normal Virgo application in the user region.

Hope that's enough to give you some clues!


On 11 Oct 2012, at 09:21, æç wrote:


   I want deploy Virgo on Computer-A, then I want get all information about Virgo's repository
which located on Computer-A from another Computer-B's Eclipse by coding.

   So,My question is: how can I get this goal?I have checked org.eclipse.virgo.repository3.5.0  jar 
source, but nothing clue can I got it.

   Thanks a lot.

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