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[virgo-dev] I hope the documents of Virgo about virgo-programmer-guide will be updated!

Especialy  in  http://www.eclipse.org/virgo/documentation/virgo-documentation-3.5.0.RELEASE/docs/virgo-programmer-guide/html/index.html

No.6  Migrating Form Tags


   Reason: (1) Form Tags Sample source code can’t be used : ant jar . If you download the sample source, you will be sad very much because you can’t ant the war!

          (2) Form Tags: standard war can’t be deployed directly if you put the war into  /pickup. ( If you change any configuration for VRT 3.5.0.Release)

            You must change  %server_home%/repository/ext/org.eclipse.virgo.web.properties .  correctly properties is  “WABHeaders=defaulted”

          But in the document, nothing is about the error!  I think maybe many many beginners  will waste more time about the error….



                                                                                           Amos From China