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[virgo-dev] Moving Git Repos


Attached is a diagram showing the proposed moves of the Virgo Git repositories after 3.5.x has been branched. Glyn and I have checked the affected repos and there are no dependencies that will be broken. Code changes will be required to give each repo consistent bundle and package names and the nano repo can be renamed at the same time.

It is going to be very difficult to do this without breaking the ripple so I suggest I do it in July when other committers are on vacation.

Step 1-A (Chris) is to move the repos around and get releasolor/ripplor working again.
Step 1-B (Chris) consolidate the sample apps and create a working build for them all with documentation etc... Build just needs to produce a zip, no ivy or p2 repos required?
Step 2 (Borislav) is to relocate all the packaging code and refactor the p2 product dependencies.

If everyone is happy with this proposal I will create the issues in Bugzilla next week for work to commence soon after.

Christopher Frost - VMware
Virgo from EclipseRT

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