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Re: [virgo-dev] Developing with Virgo Using Maven/m2Eclipse

I used Maven and Eclipse with my project awhile ago. There were a few
quirky things about it, if I recall (primarily around dependencies and the
manifest file, and bundlor). I could probably dig up an example POM.

The only issue I really had was testing. I'm sure there's a better way to
do this, but I'd build out to a JAR (via Maven) then push the JAR into an
already running Virgo instance. I'd connect my Eclipse debugger to Virgo
so I could debug it, but I'm sure there's a better way to unit test OSGI
bundles. I just never got there before being moved onto another project.


On 4/19/12 4:27 PM, "Arthur Doler" <adoler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hello, all --
>I'm looking to develop a Java webapp with the potential for modular
>component delivery, and to accomplish that I'd like to be able to use
>OSGi and Virgo to allow me to segregate my JSPs into the discrete
>modules. The app itself is greenfield so I have no need to actually ship
>a war file, and we can just rely on Virgo to do the deploy from jar
>However, the build structure at my company is traditionally Maven, using
>the m2Eclipse plug-in to do use the Maven-configured builds inside
>Eclipse. This is useful because we can use an integrated Tomcat server
>to quickly deploy and check our webapp development. I'm curious if
>anyone has tried doing Maven-m2Eclipse-Virgo development before, and if
>so, if there's a set of best practices or canonical configurations I can
>look at before I dive into this. I'm already trying to get GreenPages to
>build inside an Eclipse workspace since that seems like it might do what
>I need.
>If there isn't an m2Eclipse way of doing this, what's the preferred way
>for doing builds/deploys and debugging Virgo webapps through Eclipse?
>Any help is appreciated.
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