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Re: [virgo-dev] dmk.bat of 3.5.0.M02 broken?â


Thanks for raising this.
Already covered and fixed with bug 369157. This fix will be included in M03 which should be available next week.

Best Regards

2012/2/29 Stijn de Witt <stijndewitt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi, I downloaded Virgo Nano 3.5.0.M02 and tried to start it on Windows by browsing to the bin folder and runnig startup.bat, but this fails:

C:\Program Files\Virgo\virgo-nano-3.5.0.M02\bin>startup
C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\bin\jmxPermissions.vbs(23, 2) SWbemServicesEx: Not found

Error: Access file not found: C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\config\org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.jmxremote.access.properties

It seems the offending line is in dmk.bat:

set CONFIG_DIR=%KERNEL_HOME%\config     (line 59)

It seems the actual configuration dir is called 'configuration' and not 'config'...
After changing that I have more success, but still it is not error-free:

C:\Program Files\Virgo\virgo-nano-3.5.0.M02\bin>startup
WARNING: jmxPermissions.vbs did not update the permissions of C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\configuration\org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.jmx
remote.access.properties. Check the file has the correct permissions.
[2012-02-28 22:55:26.861] startup-tracker              <KE0001I> Kernel starting.
[2012-02-28 22:55:26.887] startup-tracker              <KE0002I> Kernel started.

Am I doing it wrong or are there still some issues?

With kind regards,

Stijn de Witt

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