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Re: [virgo-dev] com.springsource.*

Virgo depends on certain 3rd party open source JARs which are not provided as bundles by their source projects. So these JARs were converted to bundles in the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository ([1]), a.k.a. the EBR. SpringSource adopted the policy of prefixing bundle symbolic names with com.springsource to make it clear that the source projects did not provide a bundle manifest. So it is quite legitimate for Virgo, including Virgo IDE, to have dependencies on such bundles.

(A little more background on build seems necessary…

The EBR makes its bundles available via Ant/Ivy and Maven. Virgo obtains these dependencies via Ant/Ivy.

So the process for a new dependency in Virgo is to get it approved via a CQ and then check in the dependency EBR coordinates.

This is in line with Virgo's primary build system being Ant/Ivy. Very recently, we have started to use p2 in the build in order to support p2 provisioning of Virgo and applications, but that doesn't change the essential Ant/Ivy bias.)

Back to the com.springsource dependencies question. It is not clear that you need to get rid of these. However, if you want to switch some of these dependencies to be from Orbit, that's ok in principle, but in general there is the issue that Virgo can't build from Orbit using Ant/Ivy (or Maven for that matter) as there is no guarantee that the contents of Orbit are available (e.g. on maven.eclipse.org) - see bug 364469.

Hope that helps a little...


On 13 Feb 2012, at 17:00, Miles Parker wrote:

Hi all,

One more dependency related issue. Please see: 371032: Remove com.springsource.* jar and dependencies

The basic question is, what is the purpose of the com.springsource.someopensourceproject packaging? We obviously need to get rid of this in order to handle the dependency issue, but are we breaking anything by replacing these with their Orbit counterparts and/or removing them altogether?


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