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[virgo-dev] plans for the bundlor toolset

Hello - I hope that I am posting this to the right place.

I am interested in the bundlor tool; I don't yet know much about the Virgo project as a whole.  My first question is the extent to which the eclipse team plans to support this tool in the future.  It seems a bit hidden in the Virgo project web page (though I did get a downloaded copy somewhere).

My second question is about importing exported packages.  This appears to be good OSGi practice (http://www.osgi.org/blog/2007/04/importance-of-exporting-nd-importing.html for example) and it has helped me on occasion from getting separate versions of the same class in an OSGi framework instance.  However I didn't figure out how to make this happen.  In addition there is place in the bundlor-1.1.0.M03 documentation that suggests that bundlor regards importing exports as an error:

Bundlor checks that the manifest does not import any package that it exports. This behavior is usually indicative of a package split between two bundles.

My final question is whether you would consider adding some newlines to the generated manifest to make it a bit easier to read.  In particular,  I believe that you don't need to wait for character 72 to use a newline and a space in a manifest.  If this is correct then I think it would be useful if the manifest was just a bit easier to read (it isn't worth working too hard on this).  I admit that the manifest is a generated file but sometimes when debugging the manifest it would be nice to read it a bit more easily.