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Re: [virgo-dev] virgo release branding

As long as the colours don't include Taupe, Beige, Buff, Ecru, Tan, Wheat,  or Vanilla.  :-)

See List of colors(sic) [1] for the 'standard set'.

Since the logo for Virgo is (roughly) cornflower blue, we could choose all our colour names from the 'blue' range, possibly removing the word blue(0):

Alice, Azure, Baby, France, Bondi, Brandeis, Cambridge, Carolina, Cell, Cerulean, Cobalt, Columbia, Cornflower(1), Cyan, Deep Sky(2), Denim, Dodger, Duke, Egyptian, Electric, Eton, Federal, Glaucous(3), Han, Iceberg, Indigo(4), Klein, Iris, Majorelle, Maya, Midnight, Navy, Palatinate, Periwinkle, Persian, Phthalo(5), Powder, Prussian, Royal, Sapphire, Sky(6), Steel, Teal, Tiffany, True, Tufts, Turquoise(7), UCLA(8), Ultramarine, Yale

(0) I wouldn't use them in this order.
(1) This could be the name for the original release (retrospective branding!)
(2) Love this -- sounds like Deep Blue, and has high ambition quotient.
(3) Perhaps not.
(4) This is taken :-)
(5) My favourite for the second one -- just to get them guessing.
(6) This is taken, too  :-D
(7) Is this a blue?
(8) Nice and confusing!

It would also be nice to start with a few that weren't obviously (blue) colours, like Baby, Cambridge, Carolina, Columbia, Duke, Egyptian(?), Eton, Royal, ... until the penny dropped.

Finally, we could choose the name consistent with our aspirations for the release (my original reason for wanting branding was that we could use it to promote and identify the release).

For example, True for a particularly stable and (anticipatedly) long-lived release.
Royal, if it were intended to establish a precedent and thereby claim ruling legitimacy (in standards terms I mean -- these things are intentionally vague).
Cambridge, for an impractical but theoretically adventurous release.
You get the idea.

Steve Powell
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[1]  List of Colors(sic):  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors

On 21 Jun 2011, at 17:00, virgo-dev-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
So two of us like the colours list. Anyone want to propose alternatives or do we have a consensus?


Colours: Azure, Bisque, Cerise, ...
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