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[virgo-dev] Virgo IRC Channel

Hey folks… so a couple of Virgo developers, myself, have staked out spot on freenode for Virgo (##virgo, double hash because it’s not a Virgo-authorized channel) for the last month or so.  There’s only a handful of people who come and go in the channel, but we’d all really like Virgo, would like to learn more about it and help those need it from the bit of experience we have.  I’m by no means an expert in OSGI or Virgo, but I want to help however I can.  Those of us who are in the channel regularly were thinking it’d be nice to include the channel on the Virgo Support page, and maybe we’ll get more people frequenting it, and hopefully Virgo adoption will grow.  What are your thoughts?





Ryan Shelley

Staff Software Engineer


Disney Interactive Media Group


818.554.4225 (office)