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Re: [virgo-dev] [Architecture Dev] OSGi central

Actually this is not exactly correct since the manfiest is only generated for the specified artifact and not its transitive dependencies.
To address that you would have to replicate all the dependencies in your pom and use the osgi classifier.

On 2011-06-02, at 9:25 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

> I was playing with it a bit more and ran into an issue with the transitive dependencies since they are not requested with the OSGi classifier. 
> Consequently I end up with the first library as a bundle but not the transitive ones.
> For example, in the attached pom, I do get a properly bundle-ized version of httpclient, but httpcore, commons-logging and commons-codec are all the normal versions.
> <pom.xml>
> On 2011-06-02, at 9:54 AM, alin dreghiciu wrote:
>> This days I was looking in P2 and OBR plugins.
>> I finally got OBR working on test02 yesterday after some debugging,
>> patching of Nexus. The current OBR plugin could be improved on some
>> areas and as I discussed with Stuart he will have time for it next
>> week.
>> About P2 I discussed it with igor and he is fine with my proposed
>> changes. So what I did was looking into details of P2 and how we can
>> archive using one shared Equinox instance between all plugins that
>> require OSGI (p2). Here are two options:
>> 1. We put everything in current P2 plugin. Not nice as this will
>> become a sink of all sort of plugins so hard to manage
>> 2. We create a separate Equinox Nexus plugin that is able to start an
>> osgi instance and watch deployment of other Nexus plugins that require
>> OSGi and which will need to be able to contribute other osgi bundles
>> to be installed into the osgi framework. This will take longer to
>> implement but is a much more cleaner approach.
>> About bundle maker plugins I sent a message to OPS4J list for now and
>> I want to see reactions first before sending it to felix and
>> eventually osgi community list.
>> So, if you do not come up with something else I will be working on
>> making the option 2 above, use it for an plugin that is able to
>> generate p2 update sites out of existing / transformed bundles. I will
>> use same format for files as those that will be generated by tycho in
>> teh work igor has in mind. This way then the bundle maker generated
>> bundles will also be available via a p2 update site and such be able
>> to use them in tycho builds.