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[virgo-dev] 3.0 plan update

All the major line items for 3.0 are complete except for p2 support which is still in development.

I have moved the upgrade from Spring DM to blueprint out of the 3.0 plan since blueprint has not yet been released and it would be too disruptive to make the change in the final few weeks of 3.0 development.

I think we should consider adding the following small enhancements for 3.0:
  • Make Virgo's web behaviour conform strictly to the OSGi web spec (bug 326798)
  • Remove entry/exit advice from hashCode() equals() and toString() methods (bug 328033)
  • Support OSGi Log service (bug 342716)

(I have been profiling Virgo web server startup. It is several seconds slower than 2.1.1 and the hotspots are in Spring DM, so the next step is to determine which uses, if any, of Spring DM are more performance critical than others.)