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Re: [virgo-dev] Status

Hi Glyn,
I would like to propose to release Gemini Web Milestone also.
2011/5/18 Glyn Normington <gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx>
There are currently only 11 outstanding non-enhancement bugs against Virgo (excluding the tooling) and Gemini Web and all of them have assigned owners. Please would owners keep an eye on their bugs and try to get them closed in the next few weeks as we near completion of 3.0.

Apart from Tomcat 7 support (which is yet to be integrated) and p2 support (which is still being developed, with a target of end of May), the 3.0 release is coming nicely into shape. Is anyone aware of any other major work items for 3.0?

CQs are looking good. We appear to have no outstanding CQs (except for 2 related to SVTs and 1 related to tooling, neither of which will hold up 3.0). Please would everyone make sure they have raised all the CQs we need and that those CQs show component of rt.virgo or rt.gemini.web. Is anyone aware of CQs that still need to be raised?

Meanwhile, I'll do some profiling to see if there are any particular hotspots during startup.

Also note that we should plan to release 3.0.0.M05 next week to maintain our monthly milestone frequency. I guess it is Southampton's turn for this pleasure.


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