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[virgo-dev] apache felix JUnit4OSGi framework

     I would like to get the JUnit4OSGi test framework working in virgo for my application.
I have followed the instructions on the JUnit4OSGi website and developed a separate test bundle for my integration test, using its swing test runner (org.apache.felix.ipojo.junit4osgi.swing-gui-1.0.0). When I deploy my bundle and this runner in virgo, they both start successfully, but the runner GUI doesn't pop up as expected.
I'm using virgo-tomcat-server-3.0.0.M04. I have dropped the required JUnit4OSGi  jars in the 'usr' repository of viro and dropped the org.apache.felix.ipojo.junit4osgi.swing-gui-1.0.0 bundle and my test bundle in the viro pickup folder. I can provide more detail about the manifest etc. My dev env is on Windows 7.
I would appreciate help with this.
thanks & regards,