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Re: [virgo-dev] Virgo Snaps integration with Tiles


Just had a quick read through and this looks great. We have always though Tiles was the perfect match for this technology so I'm glad you got it working, out of interest was there any particuler reason you went with the TileViewResolver from parancoe?


On 9 May 2011, at 10:05, Arkadiusz Burdach wrote:

> Hi!
> I wrote some blog post, how to integrate Virgo Snaps with Apache Tiles 
> based on animal-menu-bar. It gives posibility to write more modular web 
> applications. Virgo with Snaps rocks! :-)
> Here is the link: 
> http://touk.pl/blog/2011/05/09/virgo-snaps-with-apache-tiles-integration/
> Regards,
> Arek
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