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Re: [virgo-dev] Gemini Blueprint vs Spring DM



Gemini Blueprint support will come in Virgo 3.0.

For now it can be considered that Virgo doesn’t not support Gemini Blueprint or at least supports it with many limitations.

We are hoping to introduce better Gemini Blueprint support for the next Virgo milestone.

When that happens virgo-dev will surely be updated with the new status.


As for your question of the difference between the two – Gemini Blueprint is currently compatible with Spring DM 2.0 as basically GB spawned from it.

If you need to use something similar to GB, Virgo currently uses Spring DM 1.2.1 so until Blueprint support is provided properly you can use it.


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     Can someone elaborate on the status/use of the Gemini Blueprint in virgo? It is not clear to me whether we have the options of using either Spring DM or gemini bblueprint or whether the former has morphed into the latter. 


If we have the option of using gemini blueprint in virgo, what do I need to do to make it work? I see the gemini web bundle distributed with virgo but not the blueprint bundle.


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