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[virgo-dev] Adding test bundles to the deployer test project

The following query came up on the committer skype chat:

>Do you know if anything specific is required to add a new jar to test/resources of org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.deployer.test?

The integration tests in the org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.deployer.test project take their configuration from src/test/resources/config by default. The repository chain is defined in org.eclipse.virgo.repository.properties. Adding  a bundle into one of the repositories in the chain should do the trick provided the repository has * or *.jar in its search pattern.

>I saw the repository configuration file where there are many folders described as repositories but when i copy my jar into one of them it is not found by the test.

It sounds like the search pattern isn't including the JAR. If you are running the test under Eclipse and you copy outside Eclipse, you also have to refresh the package explorer in Eclipse to pick up the changes.

To separate test bundles, it may be better to create a new subdirectory of src/test/resources for your test bundle(s) and add a suitable repository to the configured chain.

>Maybe i should do a clean rebuild of the whole kernel?

May be worth a shot, but rebuilding the kernel is unlikely to have much effect.