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[virgo-dev] Deploy artifact by drag-drop from Eclipse 3.6.0 + STS (v2.5.1) against deploying bundle Jar (for same project) in 'Pickup' folder of Virgo Web Server v2.1.1

Hi All,

I am new to Virgo Web server; I just able to create 3 OSGi bundles using Eclipse + STS. Two of these bundles exposes simple hello world kind of service which the third bundle consumes when it is deployed on VWS. What I observed is, if a OSGi bundle package is dragged and dropped from Eclipse Package explore onto VWS instance running in Servers view is perfectly working as expected, but if I try to create and deploy the Jar file from my project either by copying it to VWS Pickup directory OR from VWS admin UI, then it is not working. I receive no error, below is the console output for 'Pickup' directory deployment:
[2011-01-10 18:35:00.566] fs-watcher                   <HD0001I> Hot deployer processing 'CREATED' event for file 'mytest.package2-'.
[2011-01-10 18:35:03.475] fs-watcher                   <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'mytest.package2' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:05.385] fs-watcher                   <DE0001I> Installed bundle 'mytest.package2' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:05.613] fs-watcher                   <DE0004I> Starting bundle 'mytest.package2' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:05.682] start-signalling-3           <DE0005I> Started bundle 'mytest.package2' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:57.007] fs-watcher                   <HD0001I> Hot deployer processing 'CREATED' event for file 'mytest.package1-'.
[2011-01-10 18:35:57.936] fs-watcher                   <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'mytest.package1' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:59.009] fs-watcher                   <DE0001I> Installed bundle 'mytest.package1' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:59.120] fs-watcher                   <DE0004I> Starting bundle 'mytest.package1' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:35:59.854] start-signalling-3           <DE0005I> Started bundle 'mytest.package1' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:36:12.600] fs-watcher                   <HD0001I> Hot deployer processing 'CREATED' event for file 'mytest.consumer-'.
[2011-01-10 18:36:12.973] fs-watcher                   <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'mytest.consumer' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:36:13.328] fs-watcher                   <DE0001I> Installed bundle 'mytest.consumer' version ''.
[2011-01-10 18:36:13.456] fs-watcher                   <DE0004I> Starting bundle 'mytest.consumer' version ''.
mytest.consumer- is a client bundle consuming service exposed by mytest.package1- & mytest.package2-
I also observed that if I deploy by using drag-drop in Eclipse then there is exploded Jar folder appearing in the 'Stage' folder for each bundle and no Jar file in 'Pickup' folder.
Is I am missing something in order to make the Jars being deployed in Pickup directory working?
Secondly, I am looking for programmatically start/stop/refresh/install/uninstall bundles into VWS by Java code or some other way. Is there a sample Java code or some help available to do this?

Thanks in advance,